For some of us, dog training represents a well mannered friend who enjoys time spent together, no matter what is the activity of choice. Whether bringing the ball back, a quiet stroll in the evening sun, or a great game of snowball catch, it is a delightful experience with a well behaved dog.  

For others, the thrill of doing just a bit more can be really exciting. A well executed Agility run, a beautifully presented obedience routine, or a Best in Show gives such a feeling of accomplishment and sometimes there can be no greater joy.

At My Dog Training Center, LLC, whatever your goal, it is attainable. Sometimes the path is quite easy, and sometimes your dog will take you out of your comfort zone, but most importantly, you will have fun on the journey.




Come out and play with us!

You may  just learn a thing or two about your relationship with your dog.

You may be surprised just how fun dog training really is!